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Our Cleanses

We Offer 3 Unique Cleanses. Simple Cleanse, Detox Cleanse, or Bati Juice Bar's Cleanse. We'd Love For You To Try Out Our Cleanses!

Simple Cleanse

1-5 Days. Each Day is $55.

Includes Three Cold Press Juices, Aloe Shot, Daily Soup and a Snack.

Detox Cleanse

3 Days for $225.

5 Days for $375.

Includes Simple Cleanse

Plus a Salad and Entrée.

Bati Juice Bar's Cleanse

3 or 5 Days Cleanse.

$235 For 3 Days.

$390 for 5 days.

Includes 6 Cold Press Juices and 1 Daily Shot.

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